Milk SQUARES Chocolates - Case Pack by Ghirardelli
only $180.00
Nutkao Fantasia Di Cacao Half Hazelnut and Half Milk Duo Spread - Reus...
only $22.95
Amedei Box with 4 napolitains 70% Monocru Jamaica by Amedei Store
only $5.25
Venchi Nocciolato al Latte Bar | 100gr from Venchi
only $9.69
Perugina Baci White Chocolate 2-Piece Box 1 oz each (1 Item Per Order)...
only $11.95
Amedei Blanco de Criollo Chocolate Bar by Amedei by Amedei
only $62.78
Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates, 10.6 oz by Ferrero Rocher by ...
only $78.90
Venchi Giandujotto Antica Ricetta Gianduja Pyramid with Piedmont Hazel...
only $85.05
Venchi Cubotto Puro Bianco Fine White Chocolate Cubes 1000g from Vench...
only $71.38
Venchi Biologico 85% Organic Dark Chocolate by Venchi
only $11.49

Cioccotalia - Fine Italian Cioccolato

We provide you the Finest Italian Chocolate at the best prices on the web. Take a look at our categories on the right for the widest range available, and shop online safe in the knowledge that all orders are 100% secure - guaranteed!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Cioccotalia was derived from the words Cioccolato and Italia. We put both words in a blender and Cioccotalia was born.

It is our commitment to provide quality products. If you have any questions feel free to use our contact us page. Ciao amante del cioccolato